Making a Booking

You can make a booking with us either via our website, Facebook and Instagram, in salon or over the phone.

All online booking requests will be reviewed to make sure the correct amount of time is allocated. You will then receive either an email confirmation or phone call to confirm your appointment, or make any necessary changes.

For group bookings or large services that require extended time allocations, or hair extensions, we require a 50% booking fee.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes life can get it in the way, however in the case of no-shows or last minute cancellations, we reserve the right to take a minimal booking fee - as we are unable to fill this time allocation due to such short notice.

We are unable to review messages left on Sundays or public holidays and as such will not have enough time to re-book your appointment.

Running Late?

In a perfect world, we all like to be on time (maybe even early), but we understand that sometimes there is nothing you can do about being a few minutes late. While we aim to see you on time, things can get busy in the salon, too.

Your appointment will be held for 20 minutes after the scheduled time before the  need to reschedule. When we are running a few minutes behind, we ask that you are equally understanding.