This zero-abrasion product uses the water active fruit enzymes derived from Green Papaya and Pineapple to effortlessly lift away dead skin cells.

Gentle Daily Exfoliant brightens the skin leaving you with a radiant complexion. Safe enough to use every day on all skin types including barrier impaired, stripped skin and normal skin types. This product is one of the few on the market which can be used in conjunction with Roaccuntane. Can also be used on skin suffering from acne as it is zero-abrasion so will not spread any bacteria.


Mix with water into your chosen consistency (add less water and make a thicker consistency for an oily skin type and add more water for a thinner consistency for a drier, impaired skin type).


Use in the shower or while soaking in a hot tub. The steam will keep the enzymes active for longer.


Mix with Balancing Cleanser for an exfoliating cream cleanse for those who are time poor.


For another power-packed water based enzyme and chemical exfoliation follow with Micro Cleanse Super Scrub to leave skin fresh and remove any stubborn surface impurities (recommended for normal/oily skin types only).